The Legal Action Center is the only non-profit law and policy organization in the United States whose sole mission is to fight discrimination against people with histories of addiction, HIV/AIDS, or criminal records, and to advocate for sound public policies in these areas.

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Legal Rights and Risks of Adolescents in the Age of AIDS

Thursday, Jan 19, 2017

This training will cover the legal rights and potential liabilities of adolescents living with, at risk for or affected by HIV. Audience: All health and human services providers who work with or advocate youth at risk or living with HIV and/or with basic understanding of issues facing such adolescents.

Employment Rights for People with HIV, Viral Hepatitis and Substance Use Disorders

Wednesday, Feb 15, 2017

This three-hour training explains the employment rights of people with HIV, viral hepatitis, and/or substance use disorders. It focuses on anti-discrimination laws, such as New York City and State Human Rights Laws and the Americans with Disabilities Act, and touches on issues related to health and life insurance.

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Rx for Drug Courts: Allow Effective Addiction Medication

The opioid epidemic kills 78 Americans every day. To address this crisis, President Obama and public health authorities have called for increased use of medication-assisted treatment (MAT). Yet half the nation’s drug courts prohibit MAT, according to a 2014 survey.

When Coming Home Means Being Shut Out: Expanding Reentry to All Types of Offenses

Today marks the start of the first annual Reentry Week, a time to think constructively about how best to evolve our criminal justice system to meet the needs of communities and those returning to them with criminal records. We need to ensure that all people with conviction histories are eligible for and receive effective reentry services, not just those with offenses categorized as nonserious, nonsexual, and nonviolent.

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News and Highlights


SAMHSA Issues Final Rule on the Confidentiality of Alcohol and Drug Treatment Information

LAC welcomes SAMHSA’s release of a Final Rule that aims to modernize federal regulations governing the confidentiality of substance use disorder patient records, while maintaining essential privacy protections.


New Report Details Strategies for Eliminating Housing Barriers for People with Criminal Records

This report assesses some of the most common and pernicious obstacles to housing that confront Americans with criminal records and their families. It also examines innovative federal, state, and municipal initiatives that are helping people to overcome those obstacles.

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MAT Advocacy Toolkit Can Help People Access Addiction Medication

The Legal Action Center has released a MAT Advocacy Toolkit to help people fight for their right to medication-assisted treatment (MAT).

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ACT NOW: Seeking comments on NYS application for Medicaid waiver

Please act now. Submit comments on New York’s request for a federal waiver to Medicaid rules barring the use of Medicaid for incarcerated individuals.

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